Greeting from the manager

We contribute to the manufacturing industries by providing the wide range of solutions

TOYOTSU SYSCOM Production Sales Department provides wide range of solutions in the area of PLM(Product Lifecycle Management) solution and DE(Digital Engineering) solution to the manufacturing industries, and has a prominent achievement of the support services.
Furthermore, the prototype solution group produces the prototype and proposes the appropriate prototyping methods by means of the requirements for use and quality level, within the set time frame.
with "MONODUKURI" (= making things with Japanese craftmanship), We make every effort to contribute and comply to every demand from the manufacturing industries.

In April 2018, we set up a structure to divide it into the production sales department of sales function and the production technology department of technical function so that we can make the most professional contribution and make the most contribution to our customers. With this, the production sales department can now support you in a wider area from customer's design to manufacturing.

In the present environment of the manufacturing industries in Japan, the technological and manufacturing innovation is making a rapid progress. For example, especially in the field of MBD(Model Based Development),Optimization and Additive Manufacturing.
Moreover, the revolution of just our products will start a big tide of IoT(Internet of Things) and Industrie 4.0.
And we are aware that the Japanese manufacturers have many problems regarding environmental protection and corresponding to the global action.

We are the best IT solution partner that think together with the clients about how to solve the various problems and how to correspond to the rapid changes of the environment.

manager of the Production Sales Department
Hiroaki Toda