Our policies

We contribute to the manufacturing industries as the best IT solution partner

  • We hope the adviser for our clients as their best partner

    We hope the best adviser for our clients by using our experience and expertise on PLM solution and DE solution.

  • We aim to be unique partner who can support "Create Design and Manufacturing"

    We aim to provide more value to our clients by using IT technologies, using the engineering skills in the area of PLM and DE and using our expertise of "Creative Design and Manufacturing".

  • We provide total solution for development on "Digital Twin"

    We make effort in providing a total solution for development on "Digital Twin" which means incorporating digital technology and manufacturing with the hope for causing the industrial revolution in Japan.

  • We improve consolidated power, organized power and global power

    We support our clients by utilizing the affiliated companies, for example, TOYOTA TSUSHO which is the parent company of TOYOTA TSUSHO SYSTEMS CORPORATION, TOYOTSU Machinery and NEXTY Electronics which are the affiliated companies of TOYOTA TSUSHO SYSTEMS CORPORATION. Furthermore, we will use TTNI (TT Network Integration) that supports networking and transferring of the big data, especially the data related to development.

  • We provide the innovative technologies word wide

    We promptly provide our clients with the new trend of IT technology in the area of engineering, innovative technologies, and the new global tide.